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Hej Peter
Vi siger alle 3 mange tak for en pragtfuld dag sammen med dig. Vi lærte om havet og hvad man kan finde der, sejlede i din seje speedbåd og snorklede i overfladen imens du viste os, hvad du fandt nede på bunden. mange hilsener fra Rasmus, Sofie og Karen

Karen Olsen
Annisse Nord, Danmark 01/09/2005 20:20:55 - Paros Time

Thanks for the best summer on Paros ever! I am now so proud to have my PADI Junior Open Water Diver card. Next year I hope to become a certified diver, not jr. !!(13)

Elektra Alivisatos
Princeton, USA   10/10/2004 03:50 - Paros Time

Dear Peter,
I really want to thank you for the experience of diving in July 2004.I
never ever thought I would ever go diving. At first I was frightened and panicked a little
as I entered the water. I even saidb to myself that I have to leave the water but with your kind and patient help I found my way into diving. In the end I was so excited and
didn't want to come out of the water! I will definetly continue the PADI
course next year and I'm very happy that I conquered all my fears. Thank you again
very much.

Helen Zeytountchian
15/09/2004 14:42 - Paros Time

Lieber Peter,
ich wollte mich nochmal ganz herzlich für das wunderbare Tauchenerlebnis
im Juli 2004 bedanken. Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass ich tauchen würde, da ich
immer Ängste hatte, aber Du habt mich ermutigt es zu tun. Ich habe anfangs
Panik bekommen, da ich mich durch die Ausrüstung eingeengt gefühlt habe und
der Umgang mit dem Beatmungsgerät für mich neu war. Ich wollte wirklich
schon aus dem Wasser gehen und habe dies auch geäussert, aber andererseits
habe ich nicht aufgeben wollen, da ich ja schon so weit gekommen war. Ich
habe meinen eigenen Rhythmus gefunden und langsam weiter gemacht. Ich war
echt stolz auf mich und wollte zum Schluß gar nicht mehr aus dem Meer raus,
weil ich entdeckt habe wie schön es dort unten ist. Es eröffnet sich eine
völlig neue Welt und es ist einfach spannend diese zu entdecken. Jetzt kann
ich verstehen,warum die Leute "süchtig" danach werden. Mein Dank gilt auch
Sumaya, die mich dabei auch sehr unterstützte.
Das war echt super und ich werde den PADI Kurs im nächsten Jahr auf jeden
Fall fortsetzten.
Alles Liebe und viele Grüße aus Berlin von Helen (September 04)

Helen Zeytountchian
15/09/2004 14:56 - Paros Time

In my two week trip through Greece (June 2004) the highlight of my trip was the two days I spent in Paros with Peter diving and snorkeling around Paros. I've been diving for over six years now, the normal model I've experienced around the world is inevitably fun but often frustrating because you are left wondering what you saw. This is why the Aegean Diving College and Aegean Institute sea trips are so much better than the normal dive "tank rental" scene.
Peter is so knowledgeable about marine biology, the history and archaeology of the area and the skills of the sport and more importantly is so good at communicating this information in a interesting and absorbing manner that it takes the whole experience to a new level. Moreover, the snorkel and dive spots are breath-taking: wrecks from Roman times with amphorae scattered everywhere, neolithic archeological excavation sites, a sunken freighter where you swim across the decks and through the hulls like the opening scene of the movie Titanic...WOW!
Best of all, Peter has a warmth and kindness that makes you feel like you are right at home.
Thanks, Peter, for the memories I'll keep with me for life.

Your friend, Brad

Brad Kayton
19/06/2004 17:23 - Paros Time

The playful, educational touch tank session and exploratory snorkelling hosted by Peter was a huge hit with my guests on the two week tour around the Greek islands I ran for 5 months, last year.

His passion for marine life is completely infectious and the patient introduction always left my guests thrilled with what they had seen and delighted with the knowledge they had gained.

Thank you for introducing me to an incredible world I never appreciated existed –I’m now determined to learn diving & thanks also for giving my guests such fantastic memories.

Look forward to seeing you again

Rachel Watts
25/02/2004 11:44 - Paros Time
Everyone on this site is singing Peter's praises & it's all true! Throughout 2003 I brought groups for a day of snorkelling and a hands on look at marine life. The groups were consistently delighted by the discoveries they made. The enthusiasm of the team is completely contagious.

I would recommend The Aegean Diving College to anyone who wants to add another, fascinating dimension to a visit to the Cyclades either, as I did, arranging it professionally as a Tour Leader for a series of groups, or just giving Peter or Kirsten a call on behalf of some friends.

Thank you Peter for your boundless energy & cheerful enthusiasm, for your patience in giving me confidence below the water as well as on the surface – you have given me a new passion. I truly loved meeting you .

Harpenden, U.K.   19/11/2003 03:14 - Paros Time
Hi Peter,

Just wanted to say thanks so much for looking after me back in August, I'd convinced myself before leaving the UK that I would finish my Padi OWD course when I got back but after talking to you, you got me fired up and just had to do it. What an experience.... Yes, I know I didn't want to let go of that anchor chain but I got there in the end and those dives will always remain special to me as my first real open water experiences... I remember just floating and seeing all the bubbles coming up from divers below and the fish, the colours etc... wow.... thanks again...

See you soon I hope...


Chrissie Broughton <>
Weston-super-Mare, England  03/10/2003 06:57 - Paros Time
Hi Peter,

I was lucky enough to be with Rachel on the Explore Greek Island hopping trip last week when the opportunity arose to go snorkelling with you. As I had not done it before I was a little apprehensive but what a wonderful experience it was! Learning about the marine life in the tanks on the beach was fascinating. Getting into the equipment was hilarious and the time spent in the water, simply magic.

Thanks very much - I hope to return, being in Britain is just not the same!

Liz Sennett <>
Swansea, Wales, UK  30/09/2003 09:22 - Paros Time
Dear Peter,

I've just returned to South Dakota after a summer in Greece and Los Angeles. You'll recall that you led four of us on several dives off our sailboat early in June. It was a most memorable experience that we still talk about; I think for all of us it was the best dive experience we've ever had--much better than what we had in Santorini a few days later and that I had in Kauai, Hawaii in July.

I'm attaching some pictures that you may enjoy. I don't know when I'll return to Greece, but I hope to dive again with you and bring more of our post-graduate students to sail around Paros and dive with you.


Clayton Miles Lehmann <>
Vermillion, United States  29/09/2003 11:07 - Paros Time
A big hello and thank you to Peter and his crew. My wife(!) and I have just returned from our honeymoon in the Cyclades and I must say that the few days we spent in your company were probably the highlight of the whole trip. Organised, professional, warm and extremely supportive. I recommend anyone travelling in Paros to drop in on these people and experience something quite breathtaking. Thanks again (although I agree the catering left a little to be desired for our British palates- ouzo and sea squirts for lunch?! Mmmmm..)

We'll be back!

Rob Shayer <>
London, UK  16/09/2003 14:35 - Paros Time
Thank you for a unique time on and underwater.This is a very special outfit you are running.Thanks again. Been here a few times, will be back!

Pavlo Grevenitis <>
Athens, Greece  10:32 - 16/09/2003 - Paros Time
The "Advanced" case and "Boat Lackey" had a great time with Peter and Kerstin. The diving was fabulous not to mention the on board catering which would make Rick Stein nervous. At the Aegean College we met some great people who made our holiday a success!!

Thank you - we will keep wearing the t-shirts to fly the flag.

Caroline & Steve Andrew

Caroline Andrew <>
York, England  15:24:58 - 13/09/2003 - Paros Time
Hi Peter and Kerstin !
Thank you for the snorkelling trip to the deep dive/cave south of Paros. This is a very good and vivid memory of my holidays and now back in France I am yearning to swim again in this immensity of blue and to attempt hopelessly deeper.
Hope to seeing you again when I'm back in the Cyclades !

Julien <>
Paris, France  00:10:00 - 09/09/2003 - Paros Time

How do I describe my experiences with you....
Fantastic, exhilarating, astonishing, breathtaking, amazing and the list of compliments goes on and on.
I CAN'T imagine anybody going to the Cycladic islands and NOT diving with you. Your knowledge, understanding, respect and concern for the ocean enviroment was a additional plus to my diving experience and something I realy want to give you credit for.

Unforunately I tried the other diving schools on Paros and got depressed and discouraged by them..but you guys took me to another world of underwater beauty and ancient history, an experience I'll carry with me for the rest of my life..

Thank You once again for everything..and be sure..I'll be back
PS. You are NOT charging enough for the service, kindness and quality of the dives you provide..

Best Regards

Alex Tasevski <>
Gothenburg, Sweden  16:54:22 - 11/08/2003 - Paros Time

Hi Peter and Kerstin!

This is Cathy and Eric, the diving couple from London! I thought I would email you to thank again for the wonderful experience both Eric and I had in Paros, letting us see the world of underwater. I can confidently say that we had gained much more than the others from our group, who also tried scuba diving, in Santa Maria. Staying under water for almost an hour and a half enabled us to feel comfortable with the equipment for breathing during the course and I was able to be aware of the surroundings and really enjoy what I was seeing. This memory is unforgettable and definitely encouraged us to scuba dive in future. There is one thing we regret; we didn’t take any pictures of ourselves in the gear! I remembered Peter taking some pictures of us underwater with sea animals. I was wondering if you have developed those pictures and by any chance, if you could send them to us by email for our memory. I understand if you still haven’t finished the film or too busy to do this. However, I would be really grateful if you could spare your time for us. Thank you in advance! I hope everything is going well and really hope we could come and visit you in future again!!!!!
Best wishes, Cathy and Eric

Cathy and Eric <>
London, England - Monday, June 16, 2003 at 02:40:15 (EDT)

Thanks sooo much for the most interesting dives EVER ! See you next season ! We'll go visit the rest of the sites and take the marine archaeology course if you have one available in July 2003 ! Regards to all of you. P.S. We found some excellent articles of yours in Paros Life in the web. Why don't you put them up in your page ?? Should be recommended reading before the dives!
Dilberts World <>
USA - Wednesday, February 19, 2003 at 15:33:58 (EST)
We need more of this marine environ-mental education ! It has truly changed the way we think and dive. Gone and armed ourselves with books! Hope all goes well with your E.U. project for marine areas of natural and cultural heritage ! We also saw you people in that Spiegel-TV documentary on the Battle of Lepanto ! Keep diving ! Ciao.
Scholarship Search <>
Chato, TN USA - Friday, January 17, 2003 at 19:19:26 (EST)
Dear Kerstin and Peter, this was the best family holiday we have had so far. It was a very special feeling to be in the sea with people that really know their stuff.. especially the girls were ecstatic as they got over their fears and started getting into the visuals. We will try and see you again next September for more ! Bear hugs. ( I got hooked on seafood and sooma !!)
Vivianne <>
Hazmieh, Lebanon - Sunday, December 29, 2002 at 16:55:19 (EST)
like peter and thorsten said, we did not have any words left to describe the beauty of our dives(i was there with them!) thanks for your support and care did the pictures turn out well?? love irini
kann irene <>
antwerp, belgium - Tuesday, December 17, 2002 at 09:45:28 (EST)
We had an easy deal: you present us with a good dive - we write something nice in your guestbook. The problem now is that the dives were SO great (my best ones ever!) that we can hardly come up with matchingly great words..... So all there is to say is THANK YOU! to Kerstin + Peter for awesome two days and YOU MUST GO THERE! to anybody who is interested in wonderful, highly interesting and off-the-usual dives with equally wonderful people.
Peter + Thorsten <>
Karlrsuhe, DE - Monday, September 30, 2002 at 12:53:42 (EDT)
Hi Kerstin and Peter, thanks very much for the interesting shore dive on 19 September at the Golden Beach of Paros! It was only my second dive ever, but a far more interesting experience than my first one because of all the explanations that you provided! Lots of luck with the plans for the ecological project, and keep up the good work of educating people about the beauty and importance of marine life.
Werner Oprins <>
Antwerp, Belgium - Tuesday, September 24, 2002 at 18:39:51 (EDT)
Ich wollt mich nochmal für den Tauchkurs bedanken! Das war wirklich super, ich hoffe man sieht sich mal wieder!
Georg Obermayer <>
Tübingen, Germany - Monday, September 09, 2002 at 06:09:40 (EDT)
Hi Peter ! Now, I'm back in France since yesterday early in the morning, and back to work since this morning... and I have to admit that it was hard to leave your beautiful island! I want to thank you again for the great experience you made me share with you. I will never forget my first scuba diving, thanks to you and I won't either forget your aperitif with ouzo, sea oursins and sea-squirts!! You know, I really envy you your way of life. Thanks again and all the best! Virginie, the worst octopus imitatrice you've ever met in the sea!! )
Virginie Droit <>
BIOT, 06410 FRANCE - Monday, September 02, 2002 at 12:17:47 (EDT)
Hi Peter and Kerstin! Thank you very much for a great wreck dive back in June 2002. You were both so nice, welcoming and experienced. It was my first wreck dive and it was a gorgeous day on Paros, although the boat trip back to shore was a bit rough...I can without a doubt recommend you to all old/new divers.Good luck in the future:) My best, Beate
Beate Bjørnevik <>
Kristiansand, 4631 Noeway - Monday, August 26, 2002 at 21:46:33 (EDT)
Thank you for the wondeful snorkeling and diving week. It was realy good! See you next year back at Paros. Kristian and Björn
Kristian and Björn
Norderstedt, Germany - Wednesday, August 07, 2002 at 08:48:09 (EDT)
Kalispera sas, came to Paros last September and dived with Eurodivers and at Santa Maria. Coming back on June 14th this year and really looking forward to diving with you. Is sto epanidhin! Frederick
Frederick Crowley <>
England - Friday, April 05, 2002 at 10:50:44 (EST)
I really like your site! I am 15 and i am doing a project for my CALM class and this site provided a lot of needed info. I have never seen the ocean in person only on tv but eather way there is something about that draws me too it. I chose to do my project on Marine Biology, but i guess that is a given........I appreciate your time put into this site it really was of assistance to me and it made my love for the OCEAN and its creatures so much more then what it already was. Someday I will see the ocean you can bet on it and it was because of this site that made that definitely my top priority besides school of course. There is no doubt that Marine Biology is the field of work i want to go into. Thank you soooooooooooooooo much. Sarah
Sarah <>
Wetaskiwin , AB Canada - Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 22:08:56 (EST)
I like your website and I'm interested in archaeology and marine life. Thanks!!
monique <>
erwin, tn USA - Monday, March 25, 2002 at 10:02:42 (EST)
Hi, I have just returned after spending the week with Peter and Kerstin on Paros learning to Scuba Dive. To say I had a fantastic week would be a great understatement. I not only learned to dive but understood with passion what Peter and Kerstin stand for. I really respect their great love of marine environmental issues and support their dreams!. Long may it continue! If you want to learn and dive then do it with ADC!
Guy walker <>
Athens, Greece - Friday, September 28, 2001 at 06:02:16 (EDT)
Hello !!!!! We met Peter and Kerstin in Paros a couple of weeks ago whilst on a windsurfing holiday...They made a good holiday an unforgettable one.........two of the nicest and most inspirational people you could ever meet.....hard to believe after a couple of days in their company that we were not lifelong friends. Patrick & Cath ps.....We are so depressed at being back in the uk!....booooo, sniffle.........
Patrick Crowley <>
uk - Tuesday, September 25, 2001 at 09:26:43 (EDT)
Hi guys. I loved your site. If you ever come to Lebanon please visit us here in Beirut. Don't we all love the mediterranean sea ?
Maya Khalifé <>
Beirut, Lebanon - Thursday, March 08, 2001 at 01:22:30 (EST)

Peter, Great site, like the photos. That Caulerpa taxifolia is nasty stuff. Next visit I will dive with you as you wanted.
James Dale
UK - Wednesday, February 07, 2001 at 17:15:46 (EST)

I brought college students to Greece last March and planning to come back for more! It was a fantastic time. As a diver, all your sites will bring me back for more underwater study. The photos are great!
Dan Mader <>
Cincinnati, Oh USA - Tuesday, December 12, 2000 at 17:49:42 (EST)

Congratulations for this beautiful site! from Nelly (still alive) in Beirut!
lebanon - Saturday, October 28, 2000 at 02:29:36 (EDT)

Heading out to Paros this week. Will attempt to make reservations if not too late. Incidentally very professional site.
Konstantin Mantzouranis <>
Cambridge, MA USA - Monday, August 21, 2000 at 17:44:38 (EDT)

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