6. CAVE DIVING: The Aegean Sea offers some of the best cave diving opportunities due to its unique geological formations.  Lush, varied and colourful rock surfaces with stalactites hanging down from the ceiling provide excellent photographic subjects for wide-angle or close-up video and photography.

Price: From €55-80 depending on distance and depth. Minimum number of persons:4


7. MARINE ECOLOGY AND BIOLOGY COURSES: Courses offered last from one to several days and are tailored to customers' level and choice.

Learn to identify and appreciate sea life by observing key-species of Aegean marine ecosystems. For complete beginners and amateurs up to post-graduate level.

Your host instructor:

Peter Nicolaides is an oceanographer, biologist, offshore engineer and a professional diver with international experience.

Participants learn to appreciate the marine environment by observations of key species in their habitats.

A full range of audio-visual aids is available: slides, videos and an extensive reference library.

Participants may also join marine environmental monitoring projects under way, like the Posidonia oceanica project or the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus monitoring. Other projects are under development by the HCMR (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research), the University of the Aegean or the University of Athens to be implemented by the Aegean Center for Marine Environmental Education and the Aegean Institute.

Price:€100 per day including a snorkel dive, a compressed air dive and a two hour theory class. (total time ~6 hrs.) Min number of persons:3

Night dives may be arranged in the same areas that day diving has taken place at an extra cost of €75.



1-3 day courses.  Learn to record your undersea adventures successfully. A full range of underwater Nikon cameras is available with wide-angle lenses, close-up kits and flash systems.

Price: From €100 per day. Ask for details.


9. MARITIME ARCHAEOLOGY: A snorkelling course designed for anybody with an interest in the subject. A lecture is delivered by your host, who has worked for National Geographic Foundation and Cousteau expeditions.  Slides and videos are screened followed by visits to several unique sites.

Price: €75 Duration: 3 hours. Min no. of pers: 3

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