1.SNORKELLING: Your first visual contact with the undersea environment. An hour's theoretical and practical comprehensive instruction is taught by expert free divers. Our guests come into contact with the marine environment and acquire a first  "feel" for diving. Particularly suitable for children and novices or those wishing to accompany their diving friends.

Price: €25. Groups of 3 or more. Duration: about 3 hours


2. DISCOVER SCUBA: An 2.5 hours beginner`s course designed for the complete novice under close instruction by a fully qualified instructor (shallow, confined water instruction only).

Price: €60.

3. DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING: Discover weightlessness, 3-D movement and observe marine life without dashing to the surface for air. A 3.5 hours familiarization course -not a certification course- designed to bring the complete novice in contact with safe diving procedures at sea, under the immediate supervision of an instructor.


a) Beachfront, confined water and into deeper water later.Price: €80. Groups of 3 or more. 

b) Nearby islet, by short dive boat trip Price: €100.

Duration:  4.5 hours approx. by boat, 3.5 if shore-diving.



The first level of diving certification intended to give the basic skills required so one can dive safely with a more experienced partner. Certificates issued are internationally recognised. Total instruction time approx. 33 hours, 8 of which is theory and the rest is shallow water and open sea instruction, involving 7-8 sea dives.(4 open water dives) Courses may be run in modular form so students may complete units at their convenience.

Price: €450 for groups of at least 2 persons 

Included: All required diving equipment,shore and boat dives, certification card, registration fees.  Also possible to complete CMAS 2 and 3* certification as well as most PADI courses. Prices on application. Basic diving course duration:4 - 6 days.


5. WRECK DIVING & SNORKELING: Visit local contemporary wrecks of commercial vessels or a WWII aeroplane by scuba or snorkel over wreck sites and ancient ruins thousands of years old! 

Price: From €60-85  depending on distance, depth and degree of difficulty to approach by speed boat (RIB)-Min no. of pers: 4.

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