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1: Peter Nicolaides and J.Y. Cousteau preparing to dive on the Britannic

2: Peter Nicolaides and J.Y. Cousteau at the C.I.E.S.M.meeting in Athens, 1988

3: Turkish Flagship wreck 1822 off Chios

The AEGEAN DIVING COLLEGE (ADC) was formed in 1998 - the Year of the Oceans - by Peter Nicolaides, a professional diver, Biologist-Oceanographer and Offshore Engineer.  Following high-school in Athens College he went on to complete his B.Sc. (Hons.) in Marine Biology and Hyperbaric Physiology at Queen Elizabeth / King`s College, University of  London.  After gaining professional experience in the Mediterranean, Red and North Seas he continued into Postgraduate Studies in Offshore Engineering - M. Sc. (U/W Science and Technology). Since 1977 he has been operating SST Maritime (Subsea Scientific & Technical), a company involved in coastal and offshore engineering.Both SST and ADC carry out marine research projects with the University of Athens (Dept. of Marine Biology & Dept. of Post-Graduate Oceanography),the University of the Aegean (Dept. of Marine Science) and the University of Patras (Rio-Antirrio Project), Oceanographical Institutes (National Centre for Marine Research), Government Agencies (Public Power Corporation-National Telecommunications Organization, Ministry of Public Works) involving energy and communication cables, platforms, pipelines, sewage treatment works as well as major marine construction projects.

In 1976 he worked on the Calypso with Jacques-Yves Cousteau and excavated the wreck of Antikythira and filmed the Britannic, sister-ship of the Titanic.
In 1975 as Diving Officer for the National Geographic Foundation Expedition in Greece, then led by Peter Throckmorton, he discovered the most ancient wreck known to date, ( Early Bronze Age), off Dhokos island, in the Argolis Bay.  

In 1976 he worked on the Calypso with Jacques-Yves Cousteau and excavated the wreck of Antikythira and filmed the Britannic, sister-ship of the Titanic.
In 1988 he discovered the treasure-laden wreck of the Flagship of the Turkish fleet, blown-up by Kanaris in 1822, off Chios.  Peter is a member of the Society for Underwater Technology, a
3* CMAS Instructor (GRE 0007) and a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
La Guide du Routard, writes on Aegean Diving College:
"Aegan Diving College (Centre de sensibilisation á l’univers marin): Cette école de plongée n’est pas ordinaire. La qualityé de la formation, de l´équipement et des spots proposés sont le fruit de 30 années déxperience dans toutes les mers de la planète par une équipe dirigée par Peter Nicolaides, ex-plongeur sur la Calypso, avec Jaques-Yves Cousteau. C’est une approche environnementaliste des fonds marins vus par un biologist grec amoureux de son pays qui est proposée à des prix très compétitifs. Peter est de plus un excellent contour qui connaî bien son île et sait la faire découvrir à ses élèves."
Octopus Sea Trips (O.S.T.), is an affiliate organization offering Field Studies programs for families, children and schools.
The activity programs are designed for everybody interested in the Aegean Sea, its history, archaeology and marine environment.
Octopus Sea Trips operates from Paros, in the Cyclades.
The AEGEAN INSTITUTE is involved in University Level Oceanographic Field-Studies and Student Training with the University of the Aegean, the University of Athens as well as the Ministry of Education (Directorate for Environmental Education) teaching Marine Environmental Education in schools of the Aegean Archipelago.

Simplified versions of the above programs are delivered to visiting amateur divers and non-divers who may participate in ongoing scientific experiments and monitoring in the Aegean Sea.

For our non-diving visitors we can arrange real-time video and audio transmitted to topside monitors on board.

The Aegean Institute is the leading proposer for the establishment of a Network of Marine Conservation Areas in the Aegean Sea.  This project is to be implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of the Aegean, the Ministry for the Environment, the Ministry for Employment, the Ministry of Merchant Marine, the Ministry of Education as well as the Ministry of Tourism.

The main objects of the establishment of Marine Conservation Areas in the Aegean are:

-Protection and monitoring of the Aegean Marine Environment

-Marine Environmental Education

-Increase of Fish Populations  

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